What we do

Professional services including:

  • ELS/HLS applications and management
  • Farm Environment Plans
  • Woodland grant applications
  • Compliance checks
  • Best practice advice
  • Species surveys
  • Habitat management plans
  • Talks and guided walks
  • LEAF and produce assurance audits
  • Mapping services producing farm maps (up to A0)

About us

The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) provided expert independent environmental advice to farmers for over forty years, having started with a handful of farmers in the Eastern region. The organisation continued to grow during the 42 years that it was in operation, but unfortunately entered into administration in November 2011. FWAG operated in Norfolk for over 25 years, and has established an unrivalled reputation amongst farmers and conservation bodies alike.

Following the demise of FWAG as a national organisation, Farm Conservation Limited was setup to provide independent environmental and conservation advice to landowners in East Anglia. Farm Conservation is a not for profit organisation which gained charitable status in 2012. It is led by a voluntary steering group of farmers, landowners and partner organisations (including Norfolk County Council, Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Natural England and Norfolk Historic Environment Service). With over 15 years experience of working in Norfolk, the Farm Conservation team have accumulated an in-depth knowledge of Norfolk farming systems, its historic and natural environment.

The FWAG Association

A number of county FWAG groups have set up across the country, and on the 6th December 2012 The National FWAG Association was launched. The organisation consists of local groups representing 15 counties across England, and Farm Conservation Limited is one of the founding members of the association. All of these groups are either not for profit or charitable companies and our shared primary objective is to:

Deliver expert independent advice and guidance to farmers and land managers to help them integrate best practice environmental management into their commercial farm businesses.

At a national level The FWAG Association will represent farmer's views on environmental issues, and it will help promote public understanding of environmental improvements delivered by the farming community. Joe Martin (Director & Trustee of Farm Conservation) is Chair of the FWAG Association.